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Happy Halloween from Rollerbowl Team

Oct 31, 2020
Alfred Hasanaj

Looking for a deal and some Ghoulish fun time for your beloved family

Rollerbowl has the answers:

Hallopin Bowling, Delicious food, yummy thickmilkshakes, Waffles, Ice-Cream sundaes , Gelatos (Bubblegum, Kinder, Salter Caramel, Cookies, Oreo, Mint Choc Chip and much more see our Gelato corner for more),  Fishbowlcocktails, Passionate Ghost juice, Bloody Roller, and much more come down and try for yourself , fine beer selection, premium spirit brands Mocktails drinks to quench your thirst

New Arcade machine offering with chances of wining over 1000 tickets if you hit the target

Not to miss out we suggest that you book your slot online:

Wishing you all a very Happy Spooky Halloween¬† ….

From Rollerbowl Team